deep mind pictures: a word about change

Well, I am starting my website all over from scratch.

I deleted everything (and I do mean, everything) in order to get a fresh start. I’ve even changed my domain. All of this change is a good thing. It’s a lot easier to start over once you know what direction you are headed and what you want to accomplish. For me, it’s been a bumpy ride. However, once you know what is working and what isn’t, the best thing a person can do is get rid of that which is not working in order to make room for what will.

So, welcome to my new website, a photography website which has exactly one photograph on it at present. Don’t worry: That will change very soon.

I won’t go into all of the reasons why I made these changes, but I will say this: I feel like all of this is starting to come together in the form of a new beginning, one that I can stick with and see through to the end, whatever that may be.

Once I made the decision to completely give up digital photography and go 100% film, that was the turning point. I had struggled to find my identity online, and while I was agonizing over that (and not taking many photos in the meantime) I went back and revisited my YouTube channel, which I had created mostly just to mess around with. I had called it Deep Mind Pictures, and the idea was to produce the occasional strange and avant-garde short film to post and see what kinds of reactions I received. I only posted one video, and it got zero views. I left it behind for awhile.

When I went back to it, however, and ended up starting my Reddit exploration as DeepMindPictures also, it suddenly dawned on me that this was the identity I had been looking for….

Hold on a second. I just realized how everything I just wrote above sounds disjointed, rambling, and, quite frankly, boring. Forget all of that. I’m just going to work on this and go with the change and let it lead me wherever it wants to go.

Welcome to the new, and hopefully soon to be improved, Deep Mind Pictures dot com.

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